VI International Caparica Conference on Analytical Proteomics 2019

08th – 11th July 2019 | Caparica | Portugal

Plenary Speakers

Ruedi Aebersold, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Biology, ETH Zurich and Faculty of Science at the University of Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland)

Title: Proteomic analysis via SWATH/DIA mass spectrometry: Principles and implementation

Rajiv Dhir, PhD

Affiliation: Professor and Vice-Chair of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh (USA)

Title: Analytic Proteomics and applications in Diagnostic Medicine


Xian Chen, PhD

Affiliation: Dept of Biochemistry & Biophysics, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)

Title: Available Soon


William Laframboise, PhD

Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh (USA)

Title: Available Soon


Daniel Martins-de-Souza, PhD

Affiliation: Laboratory of Neuroproteomics, University of Campinas, Campinas (Brazil)

Title: Neuroproteomics to unravel the molecular basis and biomarkers to schizophrenia


Juan J. Calvete, PhD

Affiliation: Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia (CSIC)Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia (CSIC) (Spain)

Title: Available Soon


Jens Coorssen, PhD

Affiliation: Brock University (Canada)

Title: Available Soon